curriculum vitae

Laura Wiedijk
21-02-1985, Wageningen

2011-2012 WIELS
residency, Brussels, BelgiëLogo downloads NL web grijs
2007-2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, graduated in 2010
2003-2007 Bachelor of Fine Art in Education (BFA Ed)
Amsterdam School of the Arts (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, AHK), graduated in 2007

Exhibitions and Projects

10/20 Group-show ‘Not Less Material’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘PuntWG’, Amsterdam
09/20 Group-show ‘Fully Charged’ at ‘GinDs’, Hoofddorp
06/20 animation launch ‘I Want to be Eaten by Celebrities’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘La Cocina
06/19 Group-show ‘It Happens Anyway’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘W139’, Amsterdam
01/19 performance and cover-image Cover-image for the Kunstlicht issue “Unpacking Residencies” and performing the work “Yield” at the launch event in OT 301, Amsterdam
01/19 Group-show ‘Mouth Mouth’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘BIKINI space’, Basel
11/18 Group-show ‘Sesamstraat’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘Pompgemaal op Zuid’, Rotterdam
09/18 Triënnale ‘The Grinning Machine and a Closemouthed Growl’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘Almende’, Beetsterzwaag
05/18 Event ‘Doubt and the Secular Tongue’ at ‘SideReal’, Amsterdam
03/18 Event ‘The Eye is the Coldest Organ’ at ‘SideReal’, Amsterdam
02/18 Event ‘Imbolc’ at ‘SideReal’, Amsterdam
12/17 Event ‘When the Moon Rises at Midnight’ at ‘SideReal’, Amsterdam
11/17 Lecture ‘Cloning the Ghost – A Groan of Vegetable Lust’  with Toon Fibbe at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen
10/17 Duo-show ‘Cloning the Ghost’ with Toon Fibbe at ‘Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen’, Vijfhuizen
04/17 Performance ‘Self-help Hypnosis Session for the Socio-political Artist’ at ‘De Appel’, Amsterdam
01/17 Solo-show ‘Dark Moon (Doing Good, The Good Life)’ at ‘New Conditions’, Amsterdam
11/16 Performance ‘GGG part II’, performance and presentation night at ‘Klupko’, Amsterdam
10/16 Group-show ‘Guest, Ghosts and Gardening’ at “Klupko”, Amsterdam
07/16 Contribution ‘If each of us where several, together we are quite a crowd’ in collaboration with Toon Fibbe at ‘Nieuwe Vide’, Haarlem, Netherlands
05/16 Performance Performing ‘Yield’ (second version)—a video with live Voice-over developed on invitation for the ‘Residency at learning environment’ project by curator Angela Serino— at the ‘Fine Arts Department’ of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
04/16 Performance Performing “Yield”—a video with live Voice-over developed on invitation for the ‘Residency at learning environment’ project by curator Angela Serino— During Serino’s project publication launch at “Tetterode” Amsterdam
12/15 Duo-show ‘Grinning Machines and a Closemouthed Growl’, in collaboration with Toon Fibbe at ‘Kunsthuis Syb’, Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands
10/15-12/15 Residency at ‘Kunsthuis Syb’, 6 weeks, Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands
10/15 Group-show ‘Suq Art Fest’ at ‘De Vlucht’, Amsterdam
09/15 Group-show at ‘ZevenendZes’, Laren, Netherlands
09/15 Group-show  at ‘Galerie Pouloeuff’, Naarden-Vesting, Netherlands
09/14 Solo-show ‘Balancing work, Family and Food to create a Healthier Life’ at ‘Domestic art Initiative’, Brussels
02/14 Group-show ‘Prospects and Concepts’ at ‘Van Nelle Fabriek’, Rotterdam
09/13 Group-show ‘open’ at ‘De Vlucht’, Amsterdam
09/13 Presentation ‘A Propos de Ha-Ha’ at ‘Blu Heron Social Club’, Rotterdam
07/13-09/13 Residency at ‘FabrikCulture’, 2 month, Hegenheim, France
07/13-09/13 Project ‘A Propos de HaHa’, a two month project on guests, community and laziness in Collaboration with Micha Zweifel, and about 30 guests at ‘FabrikCulture’, Hegenheim, France
07/13-09/13 Event-series ‘L’heure Bleue’ a series of 6 weekly events during ‘A propos de HaHa’ at ‘FabrikCulture’, Hegenheim, France
08/13 Group-show ‘Tataha from Pamelaha’ at ‘FabrikCultur’, Hegenheim, France
08/13 Solo-show ‘Frank’ at ‘FabrikCultur’, Hégenheim, France
12/12 Group-show ‘INexactlyTHIS’ (Kunstvlaai) with ‘Goleb’, Amsterdam
11/12-11/13 Stipendium Startstipendium, Mondriaan fondsLogo downloads NL web grijs
09/12 Solo-show ‘Waver’ at WIELS, Brussels
02/12 Group-show ‘Balls mirroring us v.s. them’ at ‘Lokal Int’, Biel, Switzerland
11/11-06/12 Residency at WIELS, BrusselsLogo downloads NL web grijs
09/11 Duo-show ‘We should do this again sometime’ whit Pernille Lonstrub, Amsterdam
03/11-04/11 Performance ‘Devils-Spine – The Future of Music – CREDO!’, a performance project on repetition and practising in collaboration with Andreas Thierstein, Basel, Switzerland
04/11 Solo-show ‘The plinth, The artwork and The magic-trick at ‘Atelier’, Basel, Switzerland
08/10-09/10 Residency ‘European Exchange Academy’ (EEA), Beelitz, Germany