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In collaboration with Toon Fibbe

In the parallel digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who deep down identify themselves not as human, but as an animal or mystical being. They carry the soul, for example, of a wolf, a fox, a cat, a fairy, a vampire, an angel or a demon. They mostly meet on internet forums where they express their otherness, look for explanations for their animal or mythical origins, and share tips on how to function in a society in which they are so significantly different. They call themselves ‘Otherkin’.At Kunsthuis Syb, Nov 2015

It Bled, It Bled Food, and It Gave Birth

Installation view during Suq Art Fest, Oct 2015

“Balancing Work, Family and Food to create a Healthier life” (Part of “Hunt and Preserve”)

“Gezellig Wonen in je Eigen Lijf” (Part of “Hunt and Preserve”)

“Natural Health and Beauty” (Part of “Hunt and Preserve”)